Essex Kilns has been operating successfully from its base in Tollesbury, Maldon, Essex (find us here, with Google Maps), since 1991. The Managing Director is John Phillips who formed the company with a partner (now retired) following the demise of Catterson Smith.

The company supplies specialist kilns, furnaces and ovens to schools and colleges as well as to industry. Refurbished furnaces, ovens, kilns and pottery equipment are also available.

Essex Kilns is responsible for Health & Safety inspections and repairs to kilns installed in schools and colleges throughout East Anglia. They also serve industrial customers with repairs and installations of kilns, ovens and furnaces used in the production of ceramics, glass and metal heat treatment.

The company holds the drawings and details of all Catterson Smith products and can supply any required spare parts.

We can also supply any kiln, electric or gas from the Rohde range, visit their website to see the full range. We will provide technical advice and warranty repairs.